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Professional Headshots:

Models headshot portrait, photography studio in Williamstown, melbourne
Professional environmental headshot portrait in the garden for political candidate in Melbourne.
Photographic portrait of model, Eclat Studio, Williamstown
Professional headshot portrait for business at the Eclat Studio, Williamstown, Melbourne

Business, social media, actors & modelling

Portrait of woman in the garden, Altona, Melbourne
Photograph headshot portrait of man, Altona, Williamstown, Melbourne
Headshot portrait of female model, Eclat Studio in Williamstown, David English Photography, Altona, Melbourne
Professional business headshot of corporate man in the studio, Williamstown, Melbourne: David English Photography.

Headshot photography rates and venues

Professional Headshots

Headhot Images:

In these days of the internet and social media, you can't afford to go without a professional headshot if you are serious about marketing yourself and your brand.

Projecting a friendly approachable professionalism will give your prospective customers and associates confidence that you will be a pleasure to converse and deal with.


Headshots take relatively little space to shoot, usually needing 2 or 3 lights and a small background, or your headshot can be taken in your environment, weather it be your office, home or garden.

You can come to us, either in our home studio, or the Eclat professional studio in Williamstown. Alternatively, we can come to you in your home or office. We will probably use a white wall, but will have our own portable background to use if needed. And of course, you can have an environmental portrait taken in your office, garden or factory space, etc.

Fees are $ 200 for the first person, and $ 100 for each additional person. Shooting in the professional studio is an exta $ 200.

Please bring a change of clothes, and of course be well groomed when you arrive. As you are the subject, not your clothes, it is best to bring neutural colors. Greys or blues for men are good: Black or white is acceptable, but can limits the exposure possibilities of the image.

Nothing too busy for the ladies: plain pastels are preferable over bright floral patterns as they compete with you, the star of the show.

You will receive 6 fully toned images in full resolution jpeg files for printing, and also social media friendly files forLinked-in, Facebook, Instagram and your company human relations department.